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Joerg Sprave  
01:31pm 13/10/2010
This man is Joerg Sprave:

He is something of an inspiration to me at the moment. I believe he is a German man who despite his intimidating look of a rather muscular bald white man, is actually very friendly and charming. Joerg is in charge of the sling shot channel on youtube where he posts videos featuring his hobby: sling shots. He has constructed hundreds of slingshots with various shapes and features and he displays them in his channel. He has broken some records on sling shot size, speed, etc... it is very amusing to see his collection of sling shots and of course the testing videos where he breaks lots of different things with his slingshots, there are also various videos on how to make some premium sling shots yourself.
I would strongly suggest you take a look at some of his videos, I myself got hooked and watched nothing but the slingshot channel for the past hours of my life, I even feel the need to build a sling shot of my own now.
But why do I say he is something of an inspiration to me? well just his love and passion for sling shots is inspiring to me, how one person can feel so passionate about something and dedicate so much to that subject, and it doesn't matter if it's sling shots or chia heads, I just wish I could find something I felt that passionate about and not just like a million different things at the same time.

So cheers Joerg, you keep making those sling shots and I'll keep watching them break records and cans.

Here's a small selection of his videos:

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everything up to now.  
12:13pm 12/10/2010
Dear Diary: today John the quarterback asked me to prom, i am so happy I almost accidentally peed my cheerleader uniform!

Kiddin, I just got kicked out of facebook for posting inappropriate images. I'd be lying if I said I am surprised, the truth is that I was looking for it, for the past week I have been testing the waters posting from artful nudes to blatantly nasty xxx images, well I finally got my wish.
I suppose it started when I was talking to my friend Jimpa who has never had a facebook, and I thought "power to him"
Also it had a lot to do with that interview Christina Hendricks did for Esquire in which she said that real men don't have facebooks, and since I find Christina Hendricks to be a real woman, then of course I had to take her advice very seriously.

Fuck yeah London Fog! thanks for using a real woman as a model and not a skinny underweight teen.

Ironic enough this photo of her is from the London Fog Facebook page....HA!

Anyways, this probably means you will see me here more often, good cuz this at least is a creative outlet and not a fucking conjoinery of quizzes and likes where my information can be sold to the highest bidder. WHAT? you dont know what I'm talking about? then read the facebook agreement carefully.

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Art School Fiasco  
04:51pm 22/09/2010
So, there was this girl at art school who had absolutely no talent whatsoever. In the four years she was in art school her artwork grew from being childish and eye-hurting to being mediocre and just no good at all. The thing is that what she lacked in talent she made up by being a really good person who was kind to everybody and helped whoever needed a hand, so in this way nobody dared to say anything about her artwork being awful...in the fear of offending this very nice girl with a heart of gold.
I find it to be a bit of a sad story but I had to share it. comments are welcomed.
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This had me laughing all morning.  
12:51pm 14/09/2010
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Hello Devin, I hope you read this.  
09:24pm 11/09/2010
I have been listening to Interpol's new album. I had little faith in them once Paul Banks decided to go solo and then they lost Carlos D. The thing is that (being a bass player myself) I was a rather big fan of Carlos' incessant fretwork  proof  And now listening to the new CD I feel like i'm hanging out with my ex-girlfriend at a party; a bit awkward even though we have worked out our differences. Do I hit on other girls in front of her, or do I wait for her to hit on guys first?
Anyways, I just wanted to get that out.
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Shitty Revenge  
11:33am 25/08/2010
My neighbor's dog keeps pooping outside my house, and of course it is because the owner allows it.
Should I:

A) ignore it and hope he gets tired
B) put the poop in a bag, knock on his door and say "Oh, Hai, I think this is yours, cheers!"
C) Wait with a an airsoft sniper rifle and when he comes around shoot him (neighbor not the dog)
D) Collect a week worth of the poop and one night smear it on his door and windows
E) Make brownies with the poop and give them to him
F) Start stuffing the poop into the tailpipe of his SUV
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04:22pm 15/06/2010

You seriously don’t understand how hot this video is (to me) I’d rather watch this video than a porn or erotic movie, seriously…those legs, those hips, those lips…I just don’t think I can begin to explain the hottness of this video, and if you understand Spanish, the lyrics just melt in my head oh lord, from the first shot of the video with her shoes, and every excellent little outfit she wears and the way she moves… I need a cold shower.
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listening to "Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" on Blip  
04:13pm 24/05/2010
Good bye songs.
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listening to "One Armed Scissor (official video)" on Blip  
12:02pm 22/05/2010
here's one for old times sake. Oh Hello high school days.
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listening to ""SLEEP TIGHT" - ROLLERSKATERS" on Blip  
10:32am 21/05/2010
This track is excellent. @anna_twee: "so fun! *Rollerskaters - Sleep Tight*"
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