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Shitty Revenge  
11:33am 25/08/2010
My neighbor's dog keeps pooping outside my house, and of course it is because the owner allows it.
Should I:

A) ignore it and hope he gets tired
B) put the poop in a bag, knock on his door and say "Oh, Hai, I think this is yours, cheers!"
C) Wait with a an airsoft sniper rifle and when he comes around shoot him (neighbor not the dog)
D) Collect a week worth of the poop and one night smear it on his door and windows
E) Make brownies with the poop and give them to him
F) Start stuffing the poop into the tailpipe of his SUV
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11:06am 26/08/2010 (UTC)
(F) is the answer.
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05:49pm 27/08/2010 (UTC)
Sanskrit Incarnate
Just talk to him. If he then refuses to control his dog, you have complete rights to everything you just listed :)
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12:28am 24/09/2010 (UTC)
i'm gonna have to say all of them but the first one. unless you think you or the neighbor is gonna be there for a while, cuz if that's so, then i say be civil.
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