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Hello Devin, I hope you read this.  
09:24pm 11/09/2010
I have been listening to Interpol's new album. I had little faith in them once Paul Banks decided to go solo and then they lost Carlos D. The thing is that (being a bass player myself) I was a rather big fan of Carlos' incessant fretwork  proof  And now listening to the new CD I feel like i'm hanging out with my ex-girlfriend at a party; a bit awkward even though we have worked out our differences. Do I hit on other girls in front of her, or do I wait for her to hit on guys first?
Anyways, I just wanted to get that out.
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12:32am 24/09/2010 (UTC)
so i finally read it, and now i'm gonna go listen to the album. interpol for me is like a really expensive good meal. its something that i love, but can't, or won't have very often, because i want it to retain that specialness. Interpol reminds be of driving at night on the highway, and the lower half of your car door, cuz that's where your speaker was, and thats where the bass would start vibrating my body.

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