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Art School Fiasco  
04:51pm 22/09/2010
So, there was this girl at art school who had absolutely no talent whatsoever. In the four years she was in art school her artwork grew from being childish and eye-hurting to being mediocre and just no good at all. The thing is that what she lacked in talent she made up by being a really good person who was kind to everybody and helped whoever needed a hand, so in this way nobody dared to say anything about her artwork being awful...in the fear of offending this very nice girl with a heart of gold.
I find it to be a bit of a sad story but I had to share it. comments are welcomed.
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07:04am 23/09/2010 (UTC)
Alexander Zebrov
Professionals and masters of their craft a lot. Good people enough.
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12:34am 24/09/2010 (UTC)
i think the school i went to these past couple of years is full of girls, and some boys (but art school is full of girls) exactly like that one, and it is a sad story.
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