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Joerg Sprave  
01:31pm 13/10/2010
This man is Joerg Sprave:

He is something of an inspiration to me at the moment. I believe he is a German man who despite his intimidating look of a rather muscular bald white man, is actually very friendly and charming. Joerg is in charge of the sling shot channel on youtube where he posts videos featuring his hobby: sling shots. He has constructed hundreds of slingshots with various shapes and features and he displays them in his channel. He has broken some records on sling shot size, speed, etc... it is very amusing to see his collection of sling shots and of course the testing videos where he breaks lots of different things with his slingshots, there are also various videos on how to make some premium sling shots yourself.
I would strongly suggest you take a look at some of his videos, I myself got hooked and watched nothing but the slingshot channel for the past hours of my life, I even feel the need to build a sling shot of my own now.
But why do I say he is something of an inspiration to me? well just his love and passion for sling shots is inspiring to me, how one person can feel so passionate about something and dedicate so much to that subject, and it doesn't matter if it's sling shots or chia heads, I just wish I could find something I felt that passionate about and not just like a million different things at the same time.

So cheers Joerg, you keep making those sling shots and I'll keep watching them break records and cans.

Here's a small selection of his videos:

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