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(no subject)  
09:24pm 13/10/2011
I just got another envelope from Oak Grove School (my HS) asking for money donations. They give me this whole blah blah bullshit about "what is sacred" and the awakening of the intelligence, importance of other hippie bullcrap. Shut your fucking mouth! If there was a way you could assure me that the cash I were to send would go to students or even to the school and not to another Porsche for the fucking chairman of the Krishnamurti Foundation then I would consider it, but I was there for four years and I know how shit goes down. You don't deserve to use the name of Krishnamurti in your greenwashed foundation. I witnessed several of my friends drop out of school when they couldn't afford tuition while the Foundation used their money to build yet another library. Angry much? yes I am, I went to Oak Grove School because it was founded by Jiddu Krishnamurti and figured that a school that followed his teachings was the best thing for me, silly kid, don't believe anything you read. Look at this beautiful tri-foldout brochure you sent me full of wonderful images and heart-warming lies asking me for cash. It's just so legit that I couldn't help myself to look up the prices to get something like this printed and found out that the minimum price was around 1,400 dollars for having 5,000 of this things printed, now let's add the 80 cents it takes to mail each and every one of this and we have a total of something like 5,400 dollaz, so lets round it up to like a buck per brochure and who knows how many of these things you guys had made and sent. Now let's see the tuition for a kid in any of the other Krishnamurti schools in India...oh there we go, 300 Rupees, which is 6.75 US dollars. Mother of all indecency, for the price it took you guys to print and send 5,000 brochures you could have sent about 885 kids to school. Well done Krishnamurti foundation of America.
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I thought the same thing...
08:46pm 14/10/2011 (UTC)
rupert the moose: fritz
It's really disgusting how things are run over there in the financial department. That mailing was so excessive (even the envelope). Not only is the foundation destroying that school slowly, they are going against everything K stood for. He never wanted to be memorialized, or printed in book form, or sold, and the foundation has not one library of his books, but many... I ripped that thing in half and threw it in the garbage.
picword: fritz
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Re: I thought the same thing...
06:35pm 15/10/2011 (UTC)
It is ridiculous my friend. Oak Grove will be a fine school once it frees itself from the claws of the fucking foundation.
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