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Totally forgot I had this thing.  
10:06pm 19/01/2014
Are any of you alive? does anyone ever read this? how does it work, like followers from twitter?

anyways, it has been three years since I last wrote here. I am now a grown up and everything has changed, I am mature and responsible and have a life.

hahahahaha, just kidding, POOP JOKES!

mood: awakeawake
music: still listening to the same flaming lips album
tags: poop
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(no subject)
03:46am 21/01/2014 (UTC)
Smilin' Strange: science
This is why I still use LiveJournal. For the poop jokes. And this is the best I've ever seen :)
picword: science
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(no subject)
04:13am 22/01/2014 (UTC)
FU: Tenenbaum Phonograph
yeah, poop jokes are timeless because poop itself is contemporary!!
picword: Tenenbaum Phonograph
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