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July, July, July, it never seemed so strange  
01:50am 15/07/2016
I have very vague memories of this place, from way before they were called "social networks" I remember making some pretty cool friends on this site, most older and wiser than I was at that age, my horrible teenage years of rebelion and angst.

It happened last night as I was looking through a pile of letters that I found some actual-paper pieces of mail that I used to correspond with some friends I made here that I remembered all about it. Nostalgia swept me like a tsunami and here I am, a day later because it took me forever to get into this damn site, I had forgotten my password as well as my old email password.

I doubt anyone will read this, it doesn't matter, I am mostly writting it for myself. I noticed I last posted something here two years ago.

this is me now.
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